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Thursday, June 2, 2011


Im here!

Landed in anchorage at noon and now im just relaxing in my dads condo over looking the bay.

I love going places, but i really hate the actual traveling part of the equation. Something about forced close proximity to strangers doesn't sit well with me. The only part of the actual trip up in enjoyed was when the flight attendant announced there was a soldier who had just gotten a purple heart, and was on his way home from the field on board. The whole plane erupted in applause. I hope each and every soldier gets a homecoming like that!

Only a couple hours and ill be headed over to ninilchik to smack some halibut in the morning, a meat hunt every now and then is permissible.

Keep your eyes peeled for some pictures and words, there should be plenty



  1. Glad you're safe. So with you on the travel part...don't like the going but I love being somewhere else sometimes....

    Looking forward to the pictures!

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  3. Cool that you got to share in the moment regarding the soldier. Enjoy your time with your dad.