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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Lately things have been good!

These last few weeks have gone by insanely fast, but slow at times too. Im leaving this coming thursday for another season in alaska, and i really cant wait. I have been fishing like crazy, and the bassin has been pretty good. We had some insane weather that has done weird things to the bite, but all in all its been pretty good. On a note that has me and dougie bummed out, our fishin buddy marty, who was in my previous post has moved down to arizona to take a job in order to better himself and open up so new options for himself. We only got to chill for a short time, but as he told me "us buds stick together," and i am sure we will.

I probably wont have any more bass shots for all you pond junkies, but soon ill have some nice stories of the great white north. I cant wait for things to come, and i promise some good content.

Also, something cool thats workin for me at the moment, i have submitted one of my fly patterns to solitude fly company, and it will hopefully make the cut.

Ill keep you folks updated!

keep em tight,


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