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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Arrival

well the sockeye got here friday. so friday started off with a mass murder of fish. not something i really enjoy but its all part of the gig.

this week was a lot of fun, had some really great clients from all over the place. the fishing is really starting to pick up around here. the kings are starting their push up the nush and its tributaries, the bows are waking up, and the sockeye are making their conga line up the wood.

fun fishing day was fun.... john and i went over to the wok, and coby and rob decided to head over to one of our salmon trib streams. we got up to the wok and headed up top, and swung flies at anchor. smacked em dead. got some really nice bows on the switch, and john had "the" fly for grayling, and got a good bunch from 16" to around 20." while i was swingin for bows i tied into a sockeye, and while im not the biggest fan of killing fish, i am slightly tired of leftover enchiladas. he was delicious.....

this next week is gonna be pretty crazy. we have 14 clients. all of which dont fly fish. and alll they want to do is get limits of sockeye. awesome.....


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  1. Your post's are fun and interesting and informative. I heard a lot about the Salmon on my trip and I think I'm a convert. I want to learn more and 'fish'.......enjoy your time up in that beautiful country and live in the moment. And, yes, be safe.