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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Training Day #1

Learned a ton today

Today was our first day on the water since i got to the lodge. The first few days are never all that fun, camp work can get tedious and tiring. Doing stuff like unloading over 3500 pounds of freight can get to ya after a while. Today was awesome. Got to sleep in a little bit which was great and started the day with a great breakfast made by the girls.

Got the boats loaded and then blasted up the lake. Its such a beautiful place, it seems too good to be true at times that I get paid to come up here and experience this. The run up the lake from the lodge in our little sleds takes about 45 minutes, and driving the sleds is alot of fun.

Thats my buddy rob at the helm of his sled, the water is about as glassy as it gets, the weather today was great with no wind and only a few showers. We rolled into one of the spots we put the boats when the water is lower, and were greeted by a porcupine that we startled and he scrambled up a tree. Pretty cool critter.

Ill have some more pics as time goes on, hopefully some more fish.



  1. Nice way to start my day! Thanks for the beautiful photos.

  2. I agree with your Auntie. It was fun to see you had a new post. Loved the pictures and video. Looking forward to 'following' you on your adventure.

  3. Watch out for the porcupine, they can shoot their quills up to ten feet....

  4. That is so cool! Please get me some quills if you see any!! Oh and make your pictures bigger they are too cool to be so small!