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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Getting Settled In

My New Home

Well im all settled in now. Got in last night with all the guys, and it was awesome to finally be here after waiting since last summer. I had a really good time in Anchorage and Ninilchik hanging out with my dad. Halibut fishing was definitely an experience. The weather was pretty good, and we got our fish. The tactics are way different, and the leader is a rope, and the weight is a 5lb chunk of metal. There is absolutely no finesse in halibut fishing. All you do is let her down and wait for a tap tap tap and start reeling, and then hopefully you have a fish on. The fishing was different, but the one on one time with my dad was really nice, its not that often that we get to hang out just us two.

Before we left for Dillingham my dad and the guys I work with went over to the Moose's Tooth, which is a legendary place in Anchorage, the pizza was huge and reallly good. After a great lunch we headed to the airport and went on our way.

This is what we call "the guide shack," and by alaskan bush standards its more of a mansion then a shack. Living in this building is rob, neil and myself. Its not huge, but it gets the group pretty tight knit and keeps us warm at night.

The bed in the corner is my little slice of heaven, and robs is sitting adjacent.

This is our gear area. Pretty much all of the gear is held in our room, and one of the many jobs we take on is to take care of all the tackle, stuff like flies, rods, reels and things like that. Having the recliners is definitely nice when we are up rigging gear or shooting the breeze.

This is the view out the window, pretty nice to wake up to the sun shining through this.

Today was all camp work, just getting ready for clients a week from today. Tomorrow we have around 3000lbs of freight coming in, so its not going to be the most fun of days. It gets a lot better though. We knocked out a ton of the tedious stuff today so the list is getting shorter, but there is always stuff to do.

Ill hopefully have some decent pictures up soon so stay tuned



  1. It's nice to see where you live. I do love the view out your window!

  2. Great post Tayler! It's fun to see where you are living and working. I'm glad you had your time with you dad. Enjoy the getting settled in and ready for the guests.

  3. Looks like a snack shipment for your shack may be in order! Your view is beautiful bud.

  4. God I miss that place. Tell everyone I said hello, we need to do a call soon.

  5. Auntie- the view is awesome! not a bad thing to look out on at the end of the day

    Joe- been reading your posts, looks like you guys are tearing it up out there. give the lodge a call tomorrow if you can around 645 our time, that should be like 1045 yours i think! hope to hear from ya soon

  6. Dude looks like a killer place. I came back home for the weekend fished ok boys pond KNOCKED EM DEAD too bad ur not here we miss your ass here good luck. Tight lines an good fishing bro

  7. hows arizona treating you? new job good?

  8. It's rough but good cash for now I'll probably be moving home soon