the biggest mistake about fly fishing, is that its just about fish

Monday, October 31, 2011

Since ive returned....

Been focusing on other things lately

This summer really flew by, its really hard to believe that i have been home for over a month now. This is the time of year i really don't like, as it is the end of the first semester, the make or break time that makes sleep go to the wayside, not to mention my fishing time, which has become nearly non-existent.

Not only is school leaving me frustrated and mentally broken, but my "home" stream is done for the season. Last week i went up to check her out, and there was a strange feeling in the air, oh yea, its called COLD. The week before i was sweating while wading in shorts and a cutoff t-shirt, this week i had to bust out the fleece and stay out of the water. An i did not see a single fish. NOT ONE!

Its funny how fish can just disappear sometimes. There one second, and its like they never existed the next......such is life sometimes.

While not all that impressive, this little brownie is my personal best brown for this creek, and on a 1wt it was about all that rod could really handle. He was sitting in a back eddy right along side a submerged log facing down stream, and it was not an easy area to hit. The water here is really shallow and the fish are spooooooooky. But as luck would have it, i presented my offering after lengthening my leader, and he ate it. The sz18 flashback PT will never fail.

Sometimes you have to climb to find the good spots. This spot is straight up sketchy, with barely a foot hold to be found, and a steep and jagged fall. Its about 25' but the picture just doesn't do it justice.

Now that my fishing time is pretty much done im going to try to write up some reports for the new gear ive been playing with.

till next time sportsfans