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Monday, October 31, 2011

Since ive returned....

Been focusing on other things lately

This summer really flew by, its really hard to believe that i have been home for over a month now. This is the time of year i really don't like, as it is the end of the first semester, the make or break time that makes sleep go to the wayside, not to mention my fishing time, which has become nearly non-existent.

Not only is school leaving me frustrated and mentally broken, but my "home" stream is done for the season. Last week i went up to check her out, and there was a strange feeling in the air, oh yea, its called COLD. The week before i was sweating while wading in shorts and a cutoff t-shirt, this week i had to bust out the fleece and stay out of the water. An i did not see a single fish. NOT ONE!

Its funny how fish can just disappear sometimes. There one second, and its like they never existed the next......such is life sometimes.

While not all that impressive, this little brownie is my personal best brown for this creek, and on a 1wt it was about all that rod could really handle. He was sitting in a back eddy right along side a submerged log facing down stream, and it was not an easy area to hit. The water here is really shallow and the fish are spooooooooky. But as luck would have it, i presented my offering after lengthening my leader, and he ate it. The sz18 flashback PT will never fail.

Sometimes you have to climb to find the good spots. This spot is straight up sketchy, with barely a foot hold to be found, and a steep and jagged fall. Its about 25' but the picture just doesn't do it justice.

Now that my fishing time is pretty much done im going to try to write up some reports for the new gear ive been playing with.

till next time sportsfans


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Been Getting Lazy On The Updates.....

The Variety is Insane

This area has endless opportunity, thats what makes it special. At this moment in time, you can catch silvers, late chum and kings, reds, bows, grayling, dollies, char, pike and a few other species. Its pretty incredible.

Last weekend the guys and i had a chance to chase some silvers, and it was a blast. The fish decided to cooperate, and rob even got a silver on the surface with a wog, which is pretty much the holy grail of anadromous fishing.

Tomorrow im headed to the pak, to hopefully find some rainbows, we shall see how it goes!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Agulukpak Weekend

We are now fishing the Pak!!!

This weekend John, Rob and I loaded up the jet boat and set out on a pretty cool adventure. We blasted up the Wok and headed for the Little Togiak where we picked up our two 17' river sleds, and made our way up Lake Nerka to the Agulukpak River. Im glad I wore my spurs, because it was one heck of a wild ride. There were rollers cruising on our backs that would have made anyone a little apprehensive. Had to zig-zag the waves to keep the boat from slamming too hard. Needless to say I wont need to visit a chiropractor any time soon, as the ride fully adjusted every cell in my body.

While the ride was rough, the scenery in that part of the park is absolutely beautiful, looking at the surrounding mountains you would think you were up in the high places, when the elevation is actually less then 100 feet. The trek went pretty uneventfully besides getting some air over some big waves, but we got there with time to spare and got ready to hit the river!

After a short break to stretch the legs John jumped onto the tiller and we blasted upriver to see our new office for the month. This is one spooky piece of water, calling it a bone-yard would almost be an understatement. There are huge boulders all over the place, and you cannot miss your line, if you do your straight up hosed, as youll hit one rock, and then once your momentum is gone and you drop off of step you slam into the rocks that you could have jetted straight over.....

We got to the top, and actually got to fun-fish for quite a while. The small chunks of time that we get to fish for ourselves are what its all about. I love seeing smiles as people catch a fish of a lifetime, and knowing that i helped accomplish that for them, but getting some stick time is what keeps me going every day.

After fishing for about 45 minutes it happened. I laid out a good drift and got a huge take and the battle was on! This fish straight up showed me who was the boss. I had to jump out of the boat and scramble over to some calm water to tire him out, and he eventually slid into the net and the stoke was on. To this date its my best alaskan rainbow, and it was 23"+. A toad for sure, but for this river its an "average fish," whatever the heck that means anyways.

Later on in the evening Rob and I went out to see if we could find a char or two for the bbq, to no avail. We kept on catching these silver fish. Oh yea, rainbows.....darn?

I cant wait for later this month when the fishing gets hot and heavy up here. Egg drop time is almost upon us!!

Its about time for me to go to bed. Hopefully ill get some good dreams handed down from the fish gods.....

Until next time sportsfans.......

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Stride....

Has been hit!

The season is going great so far. As of right now we are in a slight "in between time," being that the kings are just about done, and the silvers havent quite arrived yet. Whats not in between, is the trout and grayling fishing.

We took a hike into a lake up the mountain, through the woods, and over the tundra. Not a fish was caught, but it was more of a sight seeing trip then anything else. Walking on the turf around the lake is really weird, the ground is solid, but it acts like a waterbed with every step you take. The ground is like a huge sponge there.

The wok is prime right now for dry fly and nymph fishing. Fish to 20" are not rare right now, and the wading spots are just now usable, which allows for another awesome way to hook up with some nice alaskan bows and grayling. Fun fact of the day, grayling grow less then an inch a year, making them very old fish. We caught a 19" grayling on monday, which is not only considered a trophy in this watershed, but it is also a fish that is around 25 years old by biologists estimates.

John and I had the chance to fish for a little bit while checking out the new wading spots, and ended up catching some nice bows. All on the swing, and as they say, " the swang is the thang, and the tug is the drug."

This fish freight trained a swing of johns, and it taped out to over 21" which for the wok at this time of the year is an exceptional fish.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wildlife Abounds in Bristol Bay!

Da Bears.....

Are here. This past week the bears finally came out to play. I have seen many already, and a few times the same Sow and her two cubs. This bear frequents this beach at the mouth of the Wok, which is also where we have been taking pictures of clients with their limits of sockeye, and also where we clean most of the fish.....

A beautiful blonde-ish 2 year old brown

This is a special tree, its the sockeye tree. Its almost perfectly placed above a great run for sockeye fishing, allowing me to be able to spot the fish as they come upriver and call them out to the folks fishing down below me.