the biggest mistake about fly fishing, is that its just about fish

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Beginning

this has been a huge week. at the sacramento inernational sports expo i was lucky enough to land a job at Aleknagik Lodge wayyyy up in bristol bay alaska. this lodge is small and gorgeous. its a family run operation on a 5 acre island. the fishing there is pretty much the best trout and salmon area left in the world. needless to say, stoked is a word that can barely describe my feelings. still a long time till season though. have tons of stuff to get done between then (june 3rd) and now including:
1.pass classes
2.cpr/first aid cert.
3.6 pack liscense

and lots of other miscelanious things.
im going to keep this pretty current i hope....

tight lines and blue skies