the biggest mistake about fly fishing, is that its just about fish

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Major Bittersweetness

The Truckee Today

Well i left home at 4 am and got to a spot reccomended by a reputable source (thanks dude) , and it totally paid off. Got to the spot right at 635 and first cast i got the fish i was gonna spend all day looking for.
Basically i was using my spey rod to high stick/swing a large bunny type fly that i tie, and as soon as it hit the water my rod went bendo and he flew into the air. Now if you look closely at the picture above youll definately notice the two drops of blood on the rock, dont be alarmed, its mine, and taking a size 1 hook to the hand will to that. This fish is alive and kickin. Gave me the goodbye splash ive come to love so much.
The self shot has to be taken, and you can see from how dark it is that the sun is barely up, as this is right around 640am. This time, the early wake up really paid off.

Also did some scouting for a future trip and you have to watch where you are fishing. Alot of the browns are setting up on their redds. Dont redd rape. Just dont even think about it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Waters of My Youth

I have really forgotten how much i love Creekin.
I decided to head up to one of my old haunts and see if the fishin was still good.
It was.

The flows are perfect right now and the fish are definately on the bite.
All i used were dry flies, and the fish would rocket out of the water to grab them.

This fish may seem small, but for this creek its a big fish, and my personal best.