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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wildlife Abounds in Bristol Bay!

Da Bears.....

Are here. This past week the bears finally came out to play. I have seen many already, and a few times the same Sow and her two cubs. This bear frequents this beach at the mouth of the Wok, which is also where we have been taking pictures of clients with their limits of sockeye, and also where we clean most of the fish.....

A beautiful blonde-ish 2 year old brown

This is a special tree, its the sockeye tree. Its almost perfectly placed above a great run for sockeye fishing, allowing me to be able to spot the fish as they come upriver and call them out to the folks fishing down below me.


  1. I'm so enjoying reading about your life up there, great picture of the moose and babies and bears and eagle. Take more, post more.

  2. VERY cool, just be careful around those bears please!

  3. Love your pics bud. Glad your doing well.