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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Stride....

Has been hit!

The season is going great so far. As of right now we are in a slight "in between time," being that the kings are just about done, and the silvers havent quite arrived yet. Whats not in between, is the trout and grayling fishing.

We took a hike into a lake up the mountain, through the woods, and over the tundra. Not a fish was caught, but it was more of a sight seeing trip then anything else. Walking on the turf around the lake is really weird, the ground is solid, but it acts like a waterbed with every step you take. The ground is like a huge sponge there.

The wok is prime right now for dry fly and nymph fishing. Fish to 20" are not rare right now, and the wading spots are just now usable, which allows for another awesome way to hook up with some nice alaskan bows and grayling. Fun fact of the day, grayling grow less then an inch a year, making them very old fish. We caught a 19" grayling on monday, which is not only considered a trophy in this watershed, but it is also a fish that is around 25 years old by biologists estimates.

John and I had the chance to fish for a little bit while checking out the new wading spots, and ended up catching some nice bows. All on the swing, and as they say, " the swang is the thang, and the tug is the drug."

This fish freight trained a swing of johns, and it taped out to over 21" which for the wok at this time of the year is an exceptional fish.


  1. Beautiful hike. Is that a bear track?

  2. You write a great blog, very interesting and lots of technical information. Walking on the tundra sounds fun.....

  3. The hike is gorgeous.
    The fish are beautiful.
    The bear track is scary.
    Be watchful, k?