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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fulfilled Wishes of Chrome Clad Fishes

Time Really Flies.....

These last few weeks have really flow by. The season is going full bore, and we are starting to hit our stride. The crew is getting along great and we have been fortunate to have some pretty great clients thus far.

The sockeye fishing has began its descent from the peak late last week, but they are still flowing in pretty consistently. The king run is about over, with this week being the last week we are flying out to the Nush. Rob and Mike have been putting a beating on the kings there, with fish in the high 30" range to the low 40"s. Bows and grayling on dries are going to be my main focus coming pretty soon, as the water slowly drops and warms. This last week we had some really good days fly fishing up on the wok, and it will only get better from here. The char boil has been putting out some seriously big fish lately, seems like the average fish for my boat has been at least 20". Piking is going pretty steadily, it really doesn't matter what the weather is doing, seems to me like the pike are always hitting.

This is one of our creeks, where within a few weeks there will be 'bows and char stacked up gorging on sockeye eggs. I really cant wait until the reds start to spread out and spawn, its the time when the fishing can really go gangbusters.

This is my ride for the summer, she is one of 5 sleds we have at the lodge. These boats are really perfect for what we use them for. With the yamaha 40/30 jet they move pretty good and draft next to nothing up on step, and you can row them pretty decently. They aren't a drift boat thats for sure, but you can row em.

As of right now it has not stopped raining for almost three days, and if you try to look down the lake all you see is a wall of white. Thank god for gore-tex, this week im going to need it......


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  1. How did you learn so much about fishing?? Your posts are very educational