the biggest mistake about fly fishing, is that its just about fish

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Amphibian Love

A quote i heard one time was that the biggest mistake made about fishing
was that it was just about catching fish, and this day proved that really true
for me. Found this guy about to enter "the danger zone" so i did my civic
duty and gave him a rescue and a little photo shoot. The eyes on this guy
make me think he knows something he isnt telling me, who knows.

The world is really a small place, and the guy holding the fish
is going to be one of the guides at the lodge i work at in AK
this summer. Hes staying in my hood until we leave for the
summer. Finally found a good fishing buddy.

Im bassing exclusively from now till i leave for AK, so hopefully
ill get some more days like this, and maybe even a new personal
best fish. I love my ponds

until next time sports fans


  1. Great post Tayler. The pictures are fun and interesting. Your ribbbit buddy is cute!

  2. Oh, I love him! My pet frog died last Saturday. Made me sad.
    So glad you are having awesome days and that you're smart enough to realize they are awesome days!
    BTW, love you too!