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Monday, April 5, 2010

idle hands do no good

well lately i havent been fishing.

work, work, work

i was lucky enough to land a job at Mosquito Creek Outfitters, which is a brand new business in placerville.

its starting to look great and we are all getting really excited for the impending opening.

we are going to have a full service fly shop, and we will have a massive amount of conventional gear that is everything one needs to set themselves up for the upcoming trout season. everthing from scents to lures and downriggers, bass, stripers, trout and light duty salt too.

one of out main attractions will be our firearms and archery. currently i wouldnt be surprised if we had the largest stock of ammo of anyone north of fresno, in that we have boxes upon boxes of ammo sitting, and our shelves are already full. we will have a 50 slot rack full of long guns, and also a large assortment of handguns, for everything from personal protection to hunting arms.

last week put multiple 10 hour days in, and its really starting to look like a store. shelves are being filled, and our beautiful mounts that cover the walls will definately catch some stares, from exotic creatures, to larry the 2000lb bull moose and chuck the 1800lb bull elk. not to mention gus the water buffalo of edward the oryx.

come on in on the 18th. ill be there

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