the biggest mistake about fly fishing, is that its just about fish

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

rain means steelhead

swung for a few hours this evening.
no skunk and my landing hand smells of fish so thats always good.

fished with my buddy tony up and down sunrise and we each got fish, although multiple grabs were had.

bill lowe was nice enough to come kick it river style with us for a bit, and as always he is awesome to be around.

that guy makes spey casting look as easy, as ummm.......well really easy.

got to play with his 5126 z axis and i have three words to say about it, i want one.
i have a feeling this is gonna get expensive.

hence why the river is my current girlfriend, a new setup to her is as jewelry is to any other woman.

im not sure how people feel about fishing in the rain, but i love it. i kinda forgot how much fun it is. something about fishing in the rain makes you feel hardcore, like you know that theres some poor fool driving by looking down on us from his warm bmw thinking, "i didnt know you could fish in the rain." well newsflash to him, you can, but please dont, thats when i have the river to myself.

zulu out

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